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Since Nepal is situated between China in the north and India in the south, you will find the blend of both Oriental and Indian flavour in our cuisine. Bearing this in mind, our Gurkha restaurant presents you with a selection of regional dishes which are carefully blended to give you the authentic taste of Nepalese cuisine. In order to retain original flavours, we use fresh herbs and spices. Some of the dishes available are the speciality of our chef who skilfully blends the taste of both Oriental and Indian flavours.

Gurkha food offers everything that is good about Asian cuisine. All our dishes are influenced by Chinese, Indian, Thai, Nepalese, Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. Gurkha food combines the finest fresh herbs and spices to provide both mild and spicy dishes.


  • 1. Gurkha Special Platter


    An assortment of King Prawn / Lamb Sekuwa / Tandoori Chicken / Chicken Wings / Chicken Tikka.

  • 2. Momo (Chicken/Pork)


    Fresh homemade mince steamed Momo (Nepalese dumpling) served with fresh homemade Nepalese tomato chutney (mix onion, spring onion, ginger, and garlic).

  • 3. Chicken Chat


    Char grilled fresh chicken mixed with cucumber, tomato, lemon juice, chat masala, and coriander served in a poppadum.

  • 4. Chicken Tikka


    Marinated boneless chicken cooked in a clay oven.

  • 5. Pork Jhir


    Marinated pork belly in Nepalese spices and grilled.

  • 6. Sekuwa


    Char grilled succulent Hereford fresh lamb pieces marinated with Nepalese spices.

  • 7. Chicken Pakora


    Fresh breast of chicken coated in gram flour & deep-fried.

  • 8. Onion Bhaji


    Deep-fried seasoned onion and Mixed vegetables served with salad.

  • 9. King Prawn Butterfly


    Light spiced marinated King Prawn deep fried with breadcrumbs.

  • 10. Vegetable Samosa


    Spiced mix seasonal fresh vegetable pastries served with salad.

  • 11. Chicken/Lamb Choila


    Grilled Chicken or Lamb cooked with chef’s special sauce.

  • 12. Sheik Kebab


    Marinated mince Lamb cooked in a clay oven.

  • 13. Garlic Mushroom


    Battered mushroom stir-fired in chilli and garlic.

House Special

  • 14. Woolaston Special Chicken/Lamb/Prawn


    Chicken/Hereford Lamb or Prawn cooked with sweet and spicy sauce and yogurt (Medium/Hot)

  • 15. Raja Rani Chicken/Lamb


    Marinated Chicken Tikka cooked with garlic, ginger fenugreek leaf and touch of chilli, yogurt lots fresh coriander. “VERY TASTY DISH” (Medium/Hot)

  • 16 Naga Chicken/Lamb


    Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with onion, tomato, capsicum, green chilli and naga chilli. Suitable for people who enjoys hot curry.

  • 17. Nepalese Chicken/Lamb


    Slow-cooked fresh Chicken/Hereford lamb with ginger, garlic, onion tomato and fresh Nepali masala.

  • 18. Macha (Fish) Curry


    Traditionally cooked fish with chef’s special sauce with tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, sesame with a hint of lemon.

  • 19. Chicken/Lamb/King Prawn Saag


    Slow cooked fresh Chicken/Lamb/King Prawn with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and fresh Nepali masala cooked with spinach. (Medium/Hot)

  • 20. Sweet Chilli Chicken


    Fresh stir-fried chicken cooked with homemade sweet chilli sauce. (Medium/Hot)

  • 21. Chicken Chilli


    Fresh stir-fried chicken cooked with fresh garlic, chilli and dark soy sauce. (Medium/Hot)

  • 22. Bhutuwa Chicken/Lamb Curry


    Fresh chicken cooked Gurkha style with onion, tomato, fresh chili and capsicum. (Medium/Hot)

  • 23. Fry Chicken Noodle


    Cooked with fresh mixed vegetables, tomato sauce, pepper, chilli and soy sauce. (Medium/Hot)

Indian Main Course

  • 24. Chicken/Lamb Tikka Masala


    Cooked with tomato nut and fresh cream. (Mild)

  • 25. Chicken/Lamb Korma


    Cooked with almond, cashew nut, coconut and fresh cream. (Mild)

  • 26. Chicken/Lamb Dhansak


    A beautiful combination of Nepalese spices with lentils, Lemon juice and herbs producing a sweet and sour and hot. (Medium/Hot)

  • 27. Chicken/Lamb Madras


    Cooked with lemon juice, chilli powder mixed with ginger and garlic. (Hot)

  • 28. Chicken/Lamb Vindaloo


    Boneless chicken/Lamb cooked with potatoes. (Very hot)

  • 29. King Prawn Curry


    Traditionally cooked with special sauce of fresh tomato, onion, carrot, garlic, ginger and capsicum. (Medium/Hot)

Biriyani Dishes

  • 30. Chicken/Lamb/Prawn


    Cooked in fry pilau rice, traditional – style served with mixed vegetable curry. (Medium/Hot)

Tandoori Specialities

  • 31. Chicken/Lamb Tikka


    Marinated boneless chicken cooked in a clay oven.

  • 32. Tandoori Mixed Grill


    Chef’s assortment of various tandoori kebabs.

  • 33. Tandoori Chicken


    Fresh Local Chicken marinated in spiced sauce and cooked in clay oven.

  • 34. Tandoori King Prawn


    King Prawn marinade with Chef’s special sauce.

  • 35. Chicken Saslick


    Marinated with capsicum, onion & tomato.

  • 36. Paneer Tikka Saslick


    Diced of homemade cheese marinated fresh ground aromatic herbs and spices barbecued with onion, mixed pepper and tomatoes.

Vegetarian Dishes

  • 37. Nepalese Mixed Vegetable


    Seasonal fresh mix vegetable cooked Nepalese style. (Medium/Hot)

  • 38. Vegetable Korma


    Seasonal fresh mixed vegetable cooked with almond, cashew nut, coconut and fresh cream.

  • 39. Fried Vegetable Noodles


    Fresh mixed vegetables with tomato sauce, pepper, chilli and soy sauce.

  • 40. Vegetable Biriyani


    Seasonal fresh mixed vegetable cooked with Pilau rice and served with mix vegetable curry sauce. (Medium/Hot)

Side Dishes

  • 41. Mixed Vegetable


    Fresh vegetable cooked Nepalese style.

  • 42. Saag Aloo


    Spinach and potatoes.

  • 43. Bombay Aloo


    Favourite curried potatoes dish.

  • 44. Alu Kerau


    Potato and Peas cooked in Nepalese style.

  • 45. Saag Paneer


    Spinach and paneer.

  • 46. Kathmandu Mushroom


    Well-cooked Mushroom and capsicum with chef’s special sauce

  • 47. Tareko Daal


    Cooked with herbs and spices.

  • 48. Special Fry rice


    Pilau rice fried with chicken, egg and vegetables.

  • 49. Mushroom Fry Rice


    Pilau rice fried with fresh mushroom.

  • 50. Egg Fried Rice


    Basmati rice fried with fresh egg.

  • 51. Plain Rice


    Plain boiled basmati rice.

  • 52. Pilau Rice


    Basmati rice cooked in touch of pure ghee

  • 53. Peswari Naan bread


    Mixed with coconut/almond powder.

  • 54. Plain Naan bread


  • 55. Garlic Naan bread


    Mixed with fresh garlic and coriander

  • 56. Keema Naan


    Mixed masala fresh lamb mince.

  • 57. Spicy Keema Naan


    Mixed masala fresh lamb mince with fresh chilli and coriander.

  • 58. Poppadum


    (Initial one is complimentary)

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