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Offering fresh and authentic Gurkha cuisine, we provide the ultimate dining experience at our restaurant in Gloucestershire. All dishes are served by one of our experienced and friendly team who are always happy to discuss our variety of dishes to ensure you pick an option that suits your taste perfectly. Furthermore, all dishes are cooked from scratch by our experienced and skilled chefs who consistently provide quality Nepalese dishes.

A Nepalese Restaurant Providing Authentic Cuisine

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or treat yourself to a delicious meal at our split-level restaurant. Consistently delivering an excellent service, a member of our friendly and accommodating team greets you at our restaurant’s door, guides you to your table and ensures your experience is relaxing and enjoyable. Catering for up to 120 people, we find a cosy table for you and your partner to enjoy your romantic meal as well as accommodating large parties. Offering both lunchtime and supper menus, we help you choose from our extensive selection of authentic dishes.

Contact our friendly team at our Nepalese restaurant today to taste some of our authentic Gurkha cuisine.

One of the rooms at The Woolaston Inn


Nepal, land of the mystifying Himalayas, and Mount Everest, birthplace of “Lord Buddha”; home of legendary Gurkha Soldiers, Mysterious Yet” and the world-famous Sherpa is blessed with scenic splendour and natural beauty. Though relatively small in size, it is rich in ethnic diversity and cultural heritage. It is home to many tribal races, living in different regions with their own unique identity, culture, traditional customs and language. As a result, the taste of Nepalese cuisine differs from region to region within the country.